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Salesforce for Education Names Jake Melendy of Servio Consulting Partner of the Month

“We moved from another CRM platform to Salesforce with the goal of building automation and efficiencies as well as improving our engagement rates. The Servio team provided us with advice along the way to help ensure we were building a system that would work for us now and meet our needs for future implementation phases. They were very accommodating as circumstances changed and remained flexible as we navigated the implementation process while also keeping our project moving forward.”

— Servio Consulting Client

The Salesforce Education Cloud team is continually striving for greater collaboration, engagement, and community with its integration and implementation partners. In doing so they recognize subject matter experts that are leading the emergence of Salesforce Education Cloud as a powerful means of lifetime relationship building for educational institutions.

This month Salesforce announced Servio Consulting Solutions Manager Jake Melendy as Partner of the Month. The award highlights the contribution Servio Consulting is making in helping educational institutions of all sizes and areas of focus develop stronger, more enduring relationships with the students, parents, faculty, staff, and other people they serve.

Enabling Lifelong Relationships in Education

According to Servio Consulting CEO Nancy Cooper the firm served as an Education Cloud design partner and remains an active member of the Education Cloud Leadership Council. “Jake’s involvement was pivotal in the process. And he continues to  demonstrate the value of Education Cloud to our clients as well as the Salesforce sales and technology teams. His knowledge of system architecture aligns ideally with the needs of educators in focusing on student and institutional success. The two are not mutually exclusive but they do require different sets of tools for diverse purposes.”

Melendy cut his teeth as a Salesforce Education Cloud subject matter expert serving as a system developer on the Servio team. As growth opportunities emerged he immersed himself in the inner-workings of the platform. As a result Jake quickly realized the vital importance of system integrators within the Salesforce ecosystem. “A couple of hundred projects later, and now I’m the Solutions Manager playing an integral role on the Servio Consulting team,” Melendy says. “Today I spend my days with a healthy mix of sales engagements, project solutions architecture, Salesforce partnership interactions, and solutions enablement for our clients and internal teams.”

From Solution to Capability

“We are so pleased with Jake’s personal and professional development,” Ms. Cooper adds. His passion for discovering the best use of the technology in a multitude of different environments is a boost for our team and our clients alike. In addition, the Salesforce team has complete confidence in his ability to see a client’s vision and translate that vision into a workable solution that meets their objectives now and in the future.”

Servio Consulting COO Leslie Buenz is impressed with tangible results Melendy and his team are generating in their collaborations with the Salesforce team. “The Time-to-Value improvements Jake and his team are making are incredible. That aspect alone makes the investment in Education Cloud a very real and verifiable proposition.”

Where Focus Goes Energy Flows

“Our focus is first and foremost on client need. So the team diligently works toward establishing a position as trusted advisor and client advocate from the onset of a relationship. Everything else is secondary,” Melendy avows.  “When we understand what the client is looking for and what problem they’re looking to solve, the rest of the relationship will follow. We are also not afraid of getting creative with the solution, that’s the beauty of the Salesforce platform.”

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