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Maximize the Value of Salesforce Education Cloud by Partnering
with Servio Consulting

Solutions from Servio Consulting start with the world’s leading CRM platform…

The prevailing digital economy requires advanced technologies capable of helping you optimize operations, identify growth opportunities, and create personalized user experiences that motivate interest and cement loyalty. Customer relationship management (CRM) software is essential for success in such a dynamic, fast-changing environment.

Everything Servio Consulting provides begins with the Salesforce Education Cloud platform and for good reason.

  • Inspire users with modern consumer experiences
  • Personalize user interactions
  • Enable collaboration with a single-view of all active accounts
  • Enhance scalability with data insights
  • Innovate on a flexible and secure platform

Servio 360º and Education Cloud Deliver Tangible
Cost Savings and Business Benefits for your organization.

The Salesforce Education Cloud platform helps your organization achieve the performance outcomes education leaders deem most important, such as: improving student recruitment, enrollment, and retention rates, improving donor engagement and funding, and elevating administrative and academic team productivity.

By establishing a centralized information repository, you can eliminate redundancy, increase data visibility, automate once manual operations, enhance scalability and flexibility, maximize ROI, and future proof your campus. And the data revealed by an in-depth study conducted by Forester Consulting back those claims with market-tested results.


Elevate your team’s capabilities at every stage and every level of the education spectrum.

The Servio 360º approach powered by Salesforce Education Cloud is equally effective for educational institutions from K-12 through junior college, college or university, trade of technical school, remote learning, and alumni relations.

Recruitment, Admissions, and Enrollment:

Manage the recruitment admissions and enrollment process for new students. Track applications, communicate with applicants, and elevate the user experience start to finish. 

Student Success and Retention:

Monitor learner progress and ensure student success with personalized support. Optimize student engagement and interact with relevant interventions as needed.

Communication and Collaboration:

The platform includes tools for managing email communications, scheduling appointments, and sharing information across teams.

Fundraising, Development, and Alumni Engagement:

Salesforce Education Cloud helps you cultivate and nurture alumni relations. including tracking engagement and communication, organizing events, soliciting donations, and tools for conducting efficient fundraising campaigns.

Data Cloud for Tableau Enables You to
Transform Data into Information, Information into Insights and Insights into Action

Connected systems enabling fully harmonized, unified data sources are essential for educational institutions of all types and sizes — K-12 through post-graduate.

And now you can develop and implement a proven user-centric approach that improves productivity, elevates efficiency, and reduces costs with Salesforce Education Cloud augmented by Data Cloud for Tableau. A powerful integrated platform that allows your organization to:

  • Respond to evolving user expectations, trends, and behaviors
  • Shape better, more fulfilling learner experiences
  • Discover and implement efficiencies and cost savings
  • Increase and improve collaboration across functional teams
  • Deliver personalized experiences

Data Cloud + Tableau = AI + Data + CRM

Unify learner and constituent data and act on valuable insights with real time analytics and AI foresight.


Connect all user data at scale, from any app, device, or real-time stream, with out-of-the-box connectors.


Automatically harmonize structured and unstructured data into a single source of truth.


Empower any department with consistent,  pertinent, and accurate constituent profiles that reflect and adapt to user activity in real time.


Create memorable user experiences with the right information and message, at the right time, personalized for the right person.

SERVIO 360º — Purpose built for the way you work

Servio Consulting provides you with a highly-skilled and experienced team of technical and business process management consultants. The team utilizes a proprietary framework that facilitates collaboration, alignment, and integration of technologies with internal policies and procedures, project implementation and execution, and ongoing solution management services for continuous improvement.

  • Learner-Centric Data Foundation
  • Elevate Organizational Capabilities
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
  • Transforms Data into Insights and Insights into Action

Learner Success


Develop meaningful relationships with prospective students using precision targeting and real-time analytics. Engage recruits through their most preferred media channels. Establish two-way communications and verify fit and level of interest. Personalize the decision-making and onboarding processes.

  • Identify
  • Engage
  • Confirm
  • Convert
  • Onboard


Unified data and multi-channel communication ensure students remain focused on learning goals and objectives. Personalized experiences enable mutually rewarding commitment toward achieving stated outcomes. Help desk managed services from Servio Consulting provide support every step of the way. Lifelong relationships are established as a result.

  • Onboard
  • Multi-Channel Communication
  • One-Stop Services
  • Unified Advisory
  • Career Preparation

Institution Success


Graduation is not the end of the educational journey. It is a launching point. Whether the learner’s next destination is continuing education or embarking on a career your institution plays a key role in ensuring a smooth transition. With Salesforce solutions developed by Servio Consulting you are positioned for deepening the relationship and ensuring your connections remain deep and abiding. 

  • Career Placement
  • Alumni and Donor Engagement
  • Fundraising
  • Advancement Operations
  • Finance Support


Elevate services levels for faculty and staff by developing your Salesforce instance around internal processes, policies, and procedures. Servio Consulting provides expertise that ensures safe and secure connectivity while streamlining and enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Faculty and Staff Experience
  • Automated Marketing
  • Facilities
  • Corporate Relations