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Enabling Lifelong
Relationships in Education

— utilizing the platform —

Servio 360º — functionality customized for each phase of your institution's relationship lifecycle


institution success


Identify and recruit prospective students with the best fit and highest potential for success at your institution. Boost conversions with streamlined application and admissions processes. Cultivate high-touch, proactive relationships. Facilitate learner onboarding and assimilation.


Servio Consulting enables personalized learning experiences utilizing the world’s leading CRM technology from Now you can unify and draw insights from data with a complete 360º view of student involvement and progress — fostering student wellbeing while increasing retention rates and improving performance.


Institution advancement and alumni relations require integrated solutions with single view functionality. Servio 360º helps optimize graduation rates and fine-tune career placement. Expand and improve relationships — elevating online fundraising efforts and encouraging gift-giving through precisely targeted campaigns.


Reimagine your intranet and connect faculty and staff with critical information and sharing platforms that facilitate high performance team building and collaboration. Enhance employee experiences by streamlining operations and services while facilitating communication across the organization.

A Relationship Building Continuum developed just for you.

Developed in collaboration with educators and built upon the platform, Servio Consulting solutions equip you for building fruitful and sustainable relationships throughout the entire education lifecycle.

The Servio consulting team are experts in integrating and implementing Education Cloud and other innovative cloud modules while optimizing the value of its Education Data Architecture (EDA). So now you truly have a complete 360º view of prospects, learners, alumni, faculty and staff members, and foundation affiliates.

Of course, the deep experience Servio Consulting provides translates into the nonprofit sector with equal efficacy.

"We moved from another CRM platform to Salesforce with the goal of building automation and efficiencies as well as improving our engagement rates. The Servio team provided us with advice along the way to help ensure we were building a system that would work for us now and meet our needs for future implementation phases. They were very accommodating as circumstances changed and remained flexible as we navigated the implementation process while also keeping our project moving forward."

Congratulations on choosing the world's leading CRM platform.

Now let Servio Consulting help you maximize its value.


Servio consulting developed and utilizes a proprietary framework — Ci2i — for understanding, planning, designing, standing up, and continuously improving your solution. Doing so ensures smooth transition and operation of your newly launched Salesforce platform. And if need be, team members are available for ongoing support.


In many instances organizational demands exceed the limitations of standardized software solutions. In order for your operating systems to align with business need, Servio Consulting offers custom application development built and configured according to your precisely defined requirements and specifications.


SaaS solutions simplify once complex technologies. Yet there is still room for specialization. Servio Consulting provides market-tested customization services, including custom objects and fields, dashboards and interfaces, workflow and approval processes, and continuous solution improvement.

Marketing Automation

Marketing in the education sector faces its own set of unique challenges. Meeting enrollment, retention, fundraising, and other revenue-based outcomes is increasingly challenging. Servio Consulting will help you develop precision marketing that reaches the right people at the right time with the right message.

Data Migration

The dynamic nature of the people and organizations you serve make data migration an ongoing and mission critical process. Servio team members provide expert insights and repeatable, adaptable, and proven processes for a seamless transition.


79% of Knowledge Workers are frustrated because they must routinely enter the same data into multiple systems. Servio 360º integration services diminish and eliminate such redundant, time-wasting complications. Now you can have accurate, up-to-date information with a consistent view across the entire organization.

Training and Support

The Servio Consulting advantage doesn’t end with fast and efficient solution design, configuration, and deployment. Servio provides specialized training and support, including Virtual Administration through our dedicated Help Desk. A big reason why Servio clients experience superior User Adoption rates.

Managed Services

Modern institutional IT departments must service both on-premise and remote students, employees, and instructors with equal aplomb. Doing so requires agile, adaptable cloud infrastructures. Servio Consultants help you efficiently manage the labor-intensive and complex tasks associated with increased digital operations.
"Servio was wonderful to work with. Their staff were very knowledgeable, understood the complexities of our requirements, implemented a sound solution and were very patient in dealing with stakeholder comments and issues. The level of competence exhibited will ensure our return to Servio for the next project."

a proven framework for optimizing the platform for education.

Relationship management is a game changer for optimizing the educational experience — from recruiting and admissions, through learner success, career preparation and placement, alumni engagement, institution advancement, and faculty and staff interactions and operations.

And the impact is not limited to process automation. Servio Consulting provides relationship management expertise that elevates organization performance at every step of the education lifecycle with unsurpassed agility, accuracy, and excellence.

Servio Consulting also helps your organization collaborate, integrate, initiate, and innovate in ways that drive-down and eliminate unnecessary costs, improve communications, accelerate action plans, and enhance performance in all functional areas.

"Servio is flexible, accommodating, thorough, honest, organized, and quite frankly very fun. We really enjoyed, and looked forward to our weekly engagement with the Servio Team. It is also important to us that this is a business owned and operated by women!"

Committed to serving lifelong learners

and the people who make it possible

Education is a lifelong journey. The relationships that fuel educational excellence should be just as enduring.

Servio 360º enables educational institutions to build strong, relevant, inspiring, and sustainable relationships with prospects, students, alumni, faculty and staff, and community leaders at every stage of the education continuum.

The Servio Consulting team focuses on four key integrated phases in doing so:

  • Establishing relationships

  • Engaging learners

  • Extending the experience

  • Enhancing collaboration